Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surgery Re-cap

Today was Elvis' surgery and everything went really well except for the fact that we went to the complete wrong place at first and sat in an empty, dark building from 6AM until about 6:20AM when we finally thought to ourselves we should probably check the paper work to see if we were in the right place and we weren't. Luckily the place we needed to be was just across the street. Needless to say I got yelled at...I think someone was a little stressed and nervous! That's okay...I still love you honey. Anyway, he was sooooo good and all the nurses and doctors loved him to pieces. He reacted really well to everything. No allergic reactions. In fact, when he woke up from surgery the anesthesia didn't even bother him. They wheeled him out and he was all smiles. No crying or anything. The doctor did tell us that normal adenoids are about 3 millimeters in thickness and Elvis' were 2 centimeters! Poor baby, no wonder he was sick all the time. Here's some pictures and videos of little man:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Car For Sale

In order to make the transition of our house building a little smoother we've decided to sale one of our vehicles. It's a 1999 red 2-door GMC Jimmy. The features are: 4.3L V6 engine, cold a/c, power locks & windows, luggage rack, etc. It's only had 2 & Lindsey's Grandfather. It has VERY low miles - 45k. It's in very good condition and has been very well taken care of. The insepction and registration are up to date and we have a clean title in hand. We're asking $3950 but we'll take the best offer. So if you guys are interested or know anyone who might be pass it on!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm a little apprehensive to write about this, but we're house building AGAIN. I say again b/c we almost built a house about 2 years ago it fell through...long story (I blogged about it if you feel like looking for it). And to top it off...this is such a touchy subject for me b/c I've NEVER had a place to call home. I've lived in aparments pretty much my entire life. I mean, there were a few times where I lived w/my Grandparents in their home and w/my Aunt & Uncle in their home and my Dad & my Step-mom had a house for a little while when I was in HS, but nothing permanent. It's funny b/c all my friends that I grew up with always had big dreams of going off to college and being someone successful and all I ever wanted was to be a wife and a Mom w/a boy and a girl and living in our little house w/our cat and dog. I waned this perfect little life; I guess b/c I didn't have that growing up. I came from a broken home and I've moved all over freaking DFW; my life's been pretty much a mess since day 1. So now that I'm 30 and I'm married to the love of my life, my soul-mate and we have a boy and a girl...all we need is the house! And I think we might have one! We signed the dotted line on Sunday and handed our earnest money over. It's in Savannah...10 minutes from Frisco & about 20 min from Denton. It's close to 380 & the Tollway. Our house is called the "Telfair" from Historymaker's New Haven Collection. It's 2057sq ft., 3-4 bedrooms (depending on if you want the extra dining or office to be a bedroom), 2 1/2 baths, etc. Historymaker's homes come standard w/ceramic tile in the kitchen, dining, & bathrooms. Granite in the kitchen. Crown molding in all the rooms except for the kids bedrooms. Full sod & sprinkler. And a bunch of energy efficient stuff that I know nothing about... well I know it's going to save me some money and that's all I care about! It's gonna be so pretty and perfect! Anyway, of course it's just an empty lot right now so I don't have any pictures to post but here's a drawing:Don' t get me wrong...I absolutely love our house, but I was a little disappointed b/c Savannah is primarily Cape Cod style houses and now they're finishing the subdivision out w/brick homes and I wanted a cute little Cape Cod house. Here's a pic of some of the other homes in the subdivision:Anyway, our new address is 1004 King George. So come by and visit us. Just kidding, won't be done until April! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The first time Elvis was sick was when he was 11 months old and it was pretty serious b/c he had the H1N1 virus. The next month in December he had strep and in the same month a bilateral ear infection. In January we decided to put him in daycare for the 1st time since he was finally a year old. Bad idea b/c the sickness continued due to the exposure of new germs. We finally took him out of daycare after just 1 1/2 months and if I'm recalling correctly we spent $1200 on daycare and medical expenses during that time and that doesn't count all the work we missed. I know at one point my boss was hinting that I need to do something quick b/c my job was in jeopardy. He did get a little better once we pulled him from daycare but he still continued to get sick. He would get sick about every 3 months and over the course of another year it went from getting sick every 3 months to every 2 months to being sick every other week and being on antibiotics back to back and all kinds of maintenance meds. He constantly had some kind of sinus or ear infection. Last week we went to the doctor with yet another bilateral ear infection but this time was it... she referred us to an ENT. Which I had a feeling was going to happen b/c I've already gone down this road w/Kennedy. Both of my children have been not so blessed with both of their father's sinus problems and allergies. Kennedy's already had an adenoidectomy and I knew the ENT was going to say Elvis needs one too. We were literally with the ENT for maybe 10 minutes and he was like, "Yup, I'm going to take his adenoids." No doubt about it. At this point we're not sure if he needs tubes or a tonsillectomy; we're going to have the adenoids removed and see how he reacts to that. If the ear infections and the sinus infections keep recurring then we'll go ahead with the other procedures. Hopefully this works b/c I don't want him to go through all that. He's been poked and prodded and full of all kinds of medicines. I just want my little man to be better and healthy and I want him not to cough or sniffle and to be able to breathe though his nose. His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday so wish us luck! I just hope he reacts to the anesthesia well b/c he's never been sedated. Kennedy did really well so I'm sure he'll be fine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Texas State Fair

We went to the state fair last week which was a little bit of a disappointment b/c we couldn't stay very long b/c Lindsey had to work that evening. We normally go and make a WHOLE day of it and even stay for the ending parade at night! And Kennedy wasn't w/us this time around either so that was a bummer. :( Other than that we still had a good time and managed to cram a ferris wheel ride, playing games, a dog show, the Children's barnyard experience, a corneydog, a funnelcake, fried pickles, fried frito pie, kraut balls, shopping, the train museum (Elvis is obsessed w/trains so we had to go), the car show, all in just a few hours. We got there right when it opened and it was dead; it was really nice having the fairgrounds to ourselves!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Marlin Sylvester Godwin : 1919 - 2011

It's true that you can die of a broken heart. Well, at least that's what I think. Almost a week later of my Great Grandmother passing away my Great Grandfather passed away too. They got married when my Grandmother was 16 and when my Grandfather was 22 and they've been together everyday since...well, they were apart for about 4-5 years when he served in World War II, but other than that they were in separable. I can't say that I NEVER saw them fight. They were the cutest couple; so in love. They remind me that true love really does exist. Anyway, my Grandpa was what you call a "model citizen." He really was perfect! At least in my eyes. Even though he married young, he was faithful to my Grandmother their entire marriage. He loved her dearly. They had one son to carry on his family name. He served his country faithfully. He earned a very good living as an aircraft mechanic and due to his good work ethic my Grandmother never had to work a day in her life and he was able to retire at a good age and after he retired they bought an airstream and two big ol' Harley's and would travel all over Colorado every Summer! Those were my favorite memories of them! He was also a faithful servant of God and with that being said I know he's in a good place w/my Grandmother.

Love you Papaw!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rivera Maya, Mexico!

Okay, so finally got some time to edit and post our vacay pics. We stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico...about 30-45 miles S of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula and oh my goodness it is beautiful there. I've never been out of the US and I've flown once in my life so needless to say I was a nervous wreck leaving; it was well worth it though and I would definitely go back. In fact, we wanna plan for another trip to a resort just down the road from that one...the Eldorado Casitas Resort. During our first trip we kind of tested the waters and now that we know what's out there we're definitely going back to experience it all! The trip was absolutely amazing. It was romantic. It was relaxing. The food was delicious. The beach was breathtaking. The entertainment was so much fun. The staff and people were so friendly. It was everything that we needed.

Okay, so I'll start out with the main part of the resort. Everything was so open and airy and I really just felt like I was in Mexico, not some fancy resort. Well, I was in Mexico, but you know what I mean - the resort definitely represented their culture and I loved that:
The next pics are of our room, our back patio, & the lazy river/private pool behind our building:Next set of pics are by the main pool where I was introduced to a blast in a glass called a "Miami Vice." 5 of those and I was dancing in my bikini and peeing on myself on the way back to our room. There's some pics of some of the restaurants we ate at. There's also some random pics of the outside showers, pretty flowers, & some friends we made:And saving the best for last...all the pictures from the beach: