Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm so in love. Just bought these bad boys (in royal green) to wear to an ugly sweater Christmas party. Can't wait to wear them! Got them at Lulu's... great site: I have an obsession w/shoes & bags. I could wear the same outfit everyday as long as I have a different purse & a different pair of shoes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Funny Videos

The kids and I are obsessed w/funny videos, especially any that contain babies or animals. In fact, every night while I'm cooking dinner we watch America's Funniest Videos and we also record every single episode of Rob Derek's Ridiculousness and on top of that we scour the internet, mainly You Tube, looking for funny videos. Nothing better than a good laugh... :) Anyway, I saw this video on MSN this morning while going thru their collection of funny vidoes. I had never seen it before. It's more cool than anything so I had to share.

Twin Babies Have a Conversation

Monday, November 14, 2011

A little dirt won't hurt...

So I'm pretty sure everyone's heard the saying "A little dirt won't hurt." We're huge advocates of the saying around our house. I keep it pretty clean around here so I think it's okay. In fact, just last night Lindsey was eating some pizza and he was following me around the house...I was cleaning and he had just gotten back from his golf tournament and was telling me all about it. He followed me into the kids room to put up some clothes and on the way out I saw a piece of sausage in the hallway that had dropped off his pizza and I told him to pick it up and so he did. He put it in his mouth and then a few seconds later he raced past me to the sink and was gagging and spitting his pizza out and rinsing his mouth and freaking out. I was like, "Are you okay? Are you choking?" He looked up at me with the most horrified face I'd ever seen him make and said, "That wasn't sausage! I think it was shit...!" Apparently E had pooped a little poop ball in the hallway and the light was off and I totally thought it was a piece of sausage. We had taken his underwear off just moments before b/c he had an accident. Guess he wasn't finished! Oh my God... I was totally rolling at this point and all I could say in between the tears and laughter was, "You just ate shit." So lesson learned. A little dirt will hurt.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier

Calling all you fashionistas & art enthusiasts! The Jean Paul Gaultier: Iconoclasm and Influence exhibit is at the DMA right now. Going tonight to see it! Members only tonight... gettin' the jacket ready., totally just kidding. But it'll be open to the public this Sunday so you all should go. It's going to be amazing! Support Dallas & support fashion! And I'm proud to say that my father-in-law built the cool that he's a part of something special like this. In fact, he & my mother-in-law went on Wednesday to the opening night and they said it was so awesome and that there were so many famous people and important people of Dallas there, including Dita Von Teese... what a fox! So jealous!

Dita in JPG

Lady Gaga in JPG

Me & Shelby in line for the exhibit

Jean Paul Speaking on Opening night

Jean Paul showing off Dita on Opening night

Beth & Dennis & friends on opening night

And at the end of the night when Beth & Dennis got their car back from the valet they had a bottle of his & her perfume from Jean Paul

Friday, November 4, 2011

Potty Training Revisited

Yup! Those are big boy undies. We're finally getting the hang of it! We've been going pee and poop in the potty all week long. There's been a few accidents here and there, but he's doing really good for the most part. We tried to pick out some really cool "Paul Frank" undies but he had to have these hideous "Thomas the Train" undies. What is it w/that show anyway? It's horrible and boring, but he loves the heck out of it and now he's obsessed w/trains! I tried to get a picture of him in his undies but he wouldn't be still. :( It makes me kind of sad though b/c before you know he'll be in school and I won't have anymore babies. I'm gonna miss his little diaper booty running around... I love that sound...I could always tell when he was coming. Oh well, guess I'll just have to have another baby!

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