Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kennedy's Weekend Rewind

Since Kennedy was at her Dad's on her actual birthday and since her and I NEVER get ANY alone time together I decided to dedicate a full weekend to whatever she wanted to do. It was our "Mommy & Me" weekend.

Friday we started out by going to McDonald's to get a Happy Meal and play on the playground. Papaw Danny & Grandma Bobbie met us there and they brought lots of gifts and cupcakes. We ate, played, opened gifts, and sang Happy Birthday...she had a blast.After McDonald's we came back to the house and went swimming until the pool closed at 10PM; needless to say we were waterlogged and beat. After swimming we watched The Cat in the Hat and she was long gone before the movie even started, but that was okay b/c I had a super big day planned for her on Saturday.Saturday we woke up and I told her I would make her whatever she wanted for breakfast...she chose eggs, strawberries, & biscuits. Yum! After breakfast we got dressed and headed out to get her nails done. She wanted a mani & a pedi! :) She always asks me, "Mommy why does your polish always stay on and mine comes off?" So I told her we would go get her nails professionally done.I should've taken a pic right after she got them done, but I didn't take one until today so they've chipped a little bit. But they're still really cute! She was really proud of them showing them off to everyone. After the mani & pedi we headed over to Starbucks for some refreshments since it was 100 degrees outside. I got a Venti Blackened Ice Tea's my fav and she got some chocolate milk.Nothing's better than some iced tea in this Texas heat. After Starbucks we headed over to Stonebriar Mall to play in the play area and ride the carousel.By this time we were starving so we decided to meet up w/my friend Leanne at Uncle Julio's which is Kennedy's favorite restaurant. We chowed down on chips and hot sauce and queso and we split some nachos. While we were there we ran into Kennedy's Dad and Step-mom...awkward. She had no idea how to act and was super excited that they were there. It was actually pretty funny.After lunch we headed over to my Mom's for the family bday party. It was my Aunt Marla's, Kennedy's, & my Grandpa Gene's bday so we just kind of celebrated all of them
together.Kennedy of course ended up staying at my Mom's that night so she could have some Grandma time and some Brittney time (my lil sis) and some Candice time (my cousin - we're the same age - so we've always been close). Sunday we woke up and got dressed and headed over to Clay Mathis Park in Mesquite. Our church was having a picnic that day. Not sure why when it's 1000 degrees out side. Jordan you're crazy. It was pretty miserable, but we still managed to have fun. There was lots of good food and plenty to drink. Of course, we didn't stay long due to the heat. My Mom, Brittney, & Kennedy met us there so we grabbed K and headed out to BeBe's & Pop's for yet another bday celebration for K and dinner. My phone went dead so I didn't get to take any pics of her cake or her opening presents over there. :(

All and all she made out like a bandit this past weekend and had a blast. She thought it was so cool that we celebrated her bday 3x. She got a ton of clothes and shoes since she's fixing to start school here in a few weeks, Ariel stuff, movies, a Barbie house, a Barbie car, a stuffed Chloe w/2 Clifford books, Pinkilicious...omg she got soooo much stuff!

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