Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before & After Thanksgiving



P.S. Yes, I know E is wearing Kennedy's pj's...poor thing couldn't fit into any of his winter pj's this time around and I've been too lazy to go shop. And sorry bout the quality of the pics, don't know what was up with my camera that day (hence the amount of pics I took).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So today I'm on my lunch break and first thing first...I go to the bathroom and go to put some clothes on and just get dressed for the day (I work from home so I usually roll out of bed and start working). And as I'm coming out of the bedroom I hear Kingsley crying and Lindsey has him sitting on our dining room table and blood is just pouring out of his mouth. I totally freak out even though eveyone else is just fine and calm; totally wasn't expecting that tho. I start running around in circles trying to figure out if I need get a towel for them, finish getting dressed so we can go to the hospital, make a diaper bag, make sure Kennedy's okay and see what happened. I had no idea what to do, lol. After I calmed down and we assesed the situation we decided that he was probably going to need stitches. So we packed up headed to the ER. The wait wasn't too terribly bad. Nurse was a B. But the doc was very nice and very informative. We weighed the pros and the cons of stitches and everyone decided that it would be best if we just hold off and let it heal on it's own. We were all afraid if he had stitches that it would enclose the oral bacteria in there and that he would possibly mess with them and bite on them and make it irritated and worse. So that was my lunch break in a nut shell.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not for the weak stomach...

Okay, so the other night E and I are doing our nightly ritual of bath, bottle, & bed. Bath is done. I'm making the bottle while he's running around naked doing whatever it is he does after his bath; usually hiding from me. He hates clothes. So I'm standing there waiting for his bottle to be done and I hear him just burst into this terrible fit and I immediately dash to find him. He was hiding in the hallway under our desk behind Kennedy's dollhouse that I keep under there. He seemed to be fine at first glance; he was just kind of squatting under there behind the doll house hiding. I knelt down to pick him up and smelled a poopy smell and so I examined the crime scene further and he had indeed pooped, but I'm not sure if he was crying because: A. He ate one of Kennedy's little babies that goes to her doll house and passed it and it hurt. B. He knelt down to poop and pooped on the baby and it possibly poked him in the butt and it hurt. Or C. He pooped and stuck the baby in the poop which then in turn upset him. So here's some pictures from the crime scene - I'll let you decide! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grandma Ruby

Here's a comment from my Aunt Shelley and some more pictures of my Grandmother:

Shelley said...
Kristen that is the most beautiful thing a grandchild can say about their Grandma. I know she will love it because I can't stop crying when I read it. I know her world came tumbeling down when that Doctor came in and told her she had breast cancer. She is strong and has faith in the LORD. I know he will get her through all this. Mom is the best Mom ever. I love her so much. She is what keeps this family together.

Love you Mom,
You Daughter Shelley

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty much the worst day ever...

My Dad called this afternoon while I was working so I wasn't able to answer and thank goodness I didn't because I checked the voicemail and it was him telling me that my Grandma Ruby has stage 3 breast cancer and I could tell he was starting to cry at the end of the message and it just totally broke my heart...1st to find out that my Grandma had cancer and 2nd to listen to my Dad cry. I didn't call back immediately because I was of course crying and trying to collect myself. But I eventually called and he and my Step-Mom gave me all the details. They suggested that I just maybe call or send her an e-mail instead of going over there like I wanted to because she hadn't told my Uncle Don yet. She didn't want to tell him at work, she wanted to wait until he got home. He lives with my Grandma and I didn't want to impose on their moment because I know things were probably going to be pretty devestating once he arrived. So I did as they suggested and sent her an e-mail and once I get Kennedy back this weekend we're going to go visit so she can see both of the kiddos. I told her in the e-mail it's so weird because I've had this really strong inclination that I need to spend time with her. I've been in her area a few times recently and I kept telling myself that I should drop by and surprise her, but I never did and I totally regret it now. And I've been telling everyone that sorry...but I'm spending Christmas w/my Grandma Ruby this year because I never get to and I have no clue what she's doing this year but I've already been telling everyone that. I don't know...just thought that was kind of special that she's been on my mind a lot lately. Anyway, this is a really hard time for me right now because she's very special to me and I've never had anyone close to me get sick or die or anything along those lines. For proof...my Great Grandparents are still alive! So I'm not really sure what to do with my emotions right now. I mean, she's an amazing woman and my hero and someone to totally look up to. She raised all 6 of her kids by herself while working 3 jobs at times. She can freaking sew you up a storm and make anything; she's so talented. She's so beautiful inside and out and she's the sweetest thing you'll ever meet...she would give you the shirt off her back even it was the only thing she had and you needed it. We would all be lost with out her. I seriously don't know what I would without your beans and your sun tea Grandma! I love you! :) So I just ask that anyone and everyone that I know send your thoughts and prayers this way because we need it.