Friday, May 27, 2011


Kennedy lost her 2nd tooth (1st tooth for me)! So the Toothfairy paid her a visit and brought her a whopping $1. She was super excited. I didn't get to see the 1st tooth she lost b/c she was at her Dad's...omg it was so tiny tho. I don't remember my teeth being that little. Of course, after she lost it and went back to her Daddy's that weekend he proceeded to tell her that the Toothfairy isn't real and that I put the $1 under her pillow. She came and told me that her Daddy said I "lied" to her. Pretty crappy, huh. What do you do? I swear if that man ruins Santa for Elvis I'm going to be po'd!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

When it rains, it pours...

So not that it's already been bad enough trying to recover from the wreck...last night I break my little toe on my left foot. I had an online work meeting to attend and Lindsey's sister was going to watch the kids for me. Well she was stuck in traffic and running late so I told her to just walk in and that I was going to go ahead and start. When she got here she texted me the door was locked and I had already logged onto my meeting so I ran downstairs, unlocked the door, ran back upstairs, was running down the hallway and tripped over the vaccuum in the hallway and hit my toe on the door frame. Totally took my breath away and it hurt so freaking bad! And to top it off I think my toenail might fall off. Everytime I take a step I can tell that it's just connected on the left hand side of the nail and it totally feels like it's going to pop off w/every step. Needless to say the kids have been stepping on it and I kept getting it caught on my cover last night. So yeah that's been great. And then this morning Lindsey asks me if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and they weren't. I filled it last night and forgot to turn it on. So then he proceeds to tell me that he gave the kids some cups out of there. The same cups that were in the sink last night that probably got covered in raw chicken juice b/c I defrosted some chicken for dinner and poured the chicken juice in the sink on the dirty dishes that I later loaded into the dishwaser. So now our children probably have Salmonella. Great huh. One of those stupid "Clean/Dirty" magnets would been great in this situation. Happy birthday honey! Hope you have a great day worrying that our children are about to start spewing from both ends. Ugh...does it ever end??? Yes, today is Lindsey's bday. He's still a baby...26. Every bday he's had w/me has def been something. For his 1st bday that we were together I told him I was prego w/Elvis; we had only been dating for about 5 or 6 months, so that was interesting. The 2nd bday was his 25th and I threw an awesome surprise party; he had no clue. And this bday he gets to worry about Salmonella. Wonder what's in store for the next?

24th Bday

(Pre baby knowledge I promise)

25th Bday

26th Bday

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I totally just want to hole up in a really cold, far away, nice and clean, dark hotel room right now. Anyone wanna donate to my cause before I have a mental breakdown? Let's see...the last time I was on here was Wednesday May 4th for a Wordless Wednesday post. Well, shortly after that things got a little hectic around here. I intended on posting a cute little Mother's Day post and possibly a weekend rewind, but that didn't happen b/c my Evil Knievel of a husband wrecked on his dirt bike. He was on a long straightaway...4th gear...wide open and cross rutted when he went over a huge jump and lost it. He punctured his lung, broke multiple ribs on his right side, bruised his heart and they thought he broke his femur and his pelvis but they were just badly sprained and bruised. So I spent my weekend, including Mother's Day, and the following Monday in the hospital. Hospital food sucks. I didn't get any sleep. I froze my ass off. But to be honest I didn't care about any of that, I just wanted Lindsey to be okay. I was by his side the entire time; he would've done the same for me. Monday was kind of scary b/c we were released and now I was going to have to take over and I had no clue how I was going to get this 230lb man that can't walk or barely move up our stairs. Well, we managed and for the rest of the week I was Mom, nurse, nanny, house keeper, etc. I didn't do so good on the house keeper part b/c our house is still in shambles. I don't think either of us have caught up on sleep yet and to top it off Kennedy's Dad & Stepmom had her new baby sister this week and she was supposed to go back to him but we offered to keep her longer so they could get situated and she is P.O.'d that she's not at her Daddy's. So she's been giving me extra hell this week which in turn is making Elvis intolerable as well. So everything's kind of out of wack right now and everyone's off their schedule. I totally just need a break or a vacation or someone to kidnap me or something. Please help. Sorry no pictures, I've been too frazzled. :(

Monday, May 2, 2011


Wow! What a weekend, including this Monday! I mean, we had the Royal Wedding on Friday...which I did not get up for nor record but I did manage to watch clips through out the weekend. What about you guys? Any royal wedding fans out there? Sunday Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden...crazy. When the news came on and they said it was going to be an important annoucement about something over sees...that was my 1st thought. Weird. I remember I was at my same job now, just in the call center, when I heard about 9-11 and people were going insane! And then of course we have this crazy Texas weather going on. I think it's been raining for what like 24-48 hours now and it's 40-50 degress outside in May! What the heck???Sorry, I don't really have anything super exciting to post about "us" this past weekend. We did absolutely nothing this weekend. Oh, wait...I did recieve this art piece in the mail that ordered for our lovely home...we're going w/an ocean theme these days.