Friday, March 27, 2009


I know it's been a while since my last post (and thank you Jennifer for pointing out that I spelt Kinglsey's name wrong in my last post...I was in a hurry...leave me alone!). And just so ya'll all'll probably be a while before I post again after this post. We still don't have our computer set up at the house and I can't really update it here at work; I have very limited internet time due to me sitting back in the call center from 8-12 (we'll save that story for another time). Anyway, not much has changed since my last post. Let's see...Lindsey is through w/training and he finally got his schedule and he's working from 2:00-10:30 Tuesday-Saturday, so I feel like a single parent now - it sucks. Not that our current social life was very exciting, but now it's pretty much going to be non-existent w/him working that schedule. Oh least it'll save us some money. We finally got our new phones, which was pretty cool. He got the new T-Mobile G1 and I got the new Memoir. This is the most fanciest phone I've ever's so cool! It's almost a little too fancy! Definitely too smart for me...still haven't figured out a whole lot on it. But not only is it a phone, it's a phone/camera w/8.0 megapixels! The only thing I dislike is it's fingers are too fat and I always end up touching the wrong thing, calling people I don't want to call, erasing things I didn't want to erase, or clicking on inappropriate internet sites...just kidding on that one. No but,'s kind of a pain.

Um...Oh, I recently discovered how to finally apply liquid eyeliner. I've been trying to master that skill for years now. See below:

Speaking of social life earlier...if anyone wants to get out and have a good time you should check out my friend Kambrie's band. They're really good. Lindsey and I saw them on St. Patty's. They cover a lot of Classic Rock. They usually play at Best of Days in Garland or Weekends on Lake Ray Hubbard...they're called Cherry Hill ( Here's a couple of pictures from that night:

Yes, for those of you who haven't seen me in a while...I'm blonde and loving it! I've discovered that blondes actually do have more fun...just kidding. To be honest...I'm kind of regretting it b/c my hair grows like weeds and I already needs my roots done and it's a million freaking dollars to get your hair done these days.

Okay, so enough about me...let's talk kiddos! Kingsley had his two month check up on the 9th and he got his first set of shots, poor baby! And he now weighs 14lbs! My little chunky monkey! He's so adorable! Here's some recent pics of him:

This is Gangster Baby:

This is Bathtime: Look at those fat little hands: Blue Eyes:
Sneak peak of announcement:

We're in the process of potty training Kennedy, which has been somewhat successful. Although, she's recently reverted back to both pooping and peeing in her diaper, but I really think it's due of Kingsley's arrival. She was doing soooo good there for a while! She was using the big potty and NEVER pooping in her diaper, only peeing every now and then. We just recently eliminated diapers permenantly in past couple days. She's only using pull-ups now and I've been trying to teach her how to put them on and take them off herself and here are the results: