Thursday, April 29, 2010

May, May, go away...come again another day!

Is this not ridiculous...There's like a freaking birthday everday in May. You guys are going to break the bank!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneak Preview...

Here's a sneak peek at Kennedy's school pictures! She look so grown up! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

5k on the way!

So I've reached my goal of jogging 3 miles straight! Yay! Now that I know I can do the distance I need to increase the speed because right now I can run 3 miles in about 40-45 minutes and that's pretty freaking slow, lol! But that's okay. Slimming down a bit, but still haven't lost any weight. Bummer. But that's probably because I had 4 pieces of pizza last night...dipping the crust in garlic sauce. Ugh! It's so hard to eat good! I love food! Well, atleast the bad stuff.

My Lil' Dems

Thursday, April 8, 2010


In your face McDonald's #2 w/an OJ and in your face frozen yogurt twist in a cone from Braum's...I just ran 2.5 miles straight on the treadmill and I plan to do it again tomorrow!

Friday, April 2, 2010

We'll take it!

I know, I know...I've totally been neglecting the blog as well as everything else. We've just been so busy and stressed about this whole house thing. Anyway, for those of you that don't know...we're not building a house anymore. I had a MAJOR personality conflict with the builder's lender and ended up just calling it quits. It was the most awful customer service experience EVER! The lender was this flaming inexperienced queen who thought he knew everything. Ugh! It makes me mad all over again just writing about it. Needless to say I was pretty bummed and really torn and then one day a few weeks ago I came home and before I could even make it in the house Lindsey approached me in the front yard and he was like, "Okay, please keep an open mind about this..." and was like...okay...what's going on???? And he proceeded to say, "I think we should rent an apartment instead of trying to rent a house or finish the buying process." My first initial thought and reaction was, "Absolutely not. No way." My reason being...I've lived in apartments my entire life. I've moved 14 times since I was a Freshman in HS. I wanted something permanent! No way! Absolutely Not! Not even a consideration. But then we got online and he showed me the apartments and where they were located and all their amenities. I started to get a little excited, just a little bit. They had tanning beds, tennis courts, a movie theater, free Yoga classes, free pizza nights, state of the art gyms...all kinds of neat stuff and the apartment itself was bigger than the house we were going to build! They were beautiful! Crown molding, granite counter tops, wine racks, ceramic tile, garden oval tubs, attached garages, valet trash pick-up, etc. They were perfect! Our next step was to actually go look at them and see what they had available; well, they had one! One 3 bedroom out of thousands of units! We were like, "We'll take it! Right now! Let's do the paperwork and sign the lease! Here's our money! Lol!" I'm sure the leasing agent thought we were crazy...I mean, we hadn't even seen the apartment yet. Really, at that point...I was done. I didn't care where we were going to live. I just wanted a place to call home. But in the end it worked out really well because starting in May I'll be working from home and the apartments are literally within walking distance from Lindsey's work; he's planning on riding his longboard to work, lol! After everything was said and done and all the paperwork was filled out we eventually did go look at the apartment and all the amenities and stuff. The apartment was in a great location; it's an end unit and the apartment itself sits ontop of the garage and we don't have anyone above no neighbors which equals no compalints - thanks goodness! And the way the apartment is facing...we kind of have our own little fenced in yard where the kids can play. It's so nice! Financially it's a little more than I wanted to pay (even w/the corporate discounts) but that's okay because we won't be paying his parents rent anymore, we won't be paying his sister to watch Kingsley, we sold the Focus so we won't have that payment anymore and that also made our insurance go down and it'll go down again in May when Lindsey turns 25 (I know, he's a baby), Lindsey cancelled his gym membership since they have one there, and we won't be paing for storage that basically covers our rent. Plus Lindsey got ANOTHER raise (I heart T-Mobile) and it was significant enough to cover any utilities we'll have to pay and we've pretty much paid off all of our debt while living with his parents. So we'll be sitting nice and pretty in our lovely new apartments with all our new furniture and I can't freaking wait another day!