Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a good Easter! Our weekend was absolutely fantastic! Friday we got Kennedy back and so I went ahead and let the kids open their Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny brought K a cute bunny basket w/eggs and candy and a Tinker Bell and bunch of other Easter trinkets and he brought E a Cars basket w/Cars eggs and a Lighting McQueen cup and "Snot Rod" and "DJ" and "Wingo." (He's obviously obsessed w/Cars).

After the kids opened their Easter baskets it was pretty much dinner time so we went down stairs and got the grill out and opened up a few reebs (for all you Kalifornia fans out there) and let the kids play outside while we cooked out. We made steaks and mexican corn, which was super yummy!

Yes, we like our steaks bloody; lots of flavor that way! And we topped dinner off w/a couple of glasses of Beringer...I know, totally WT. But the lady at Tom Thumb talked us into buying a bottle. She said Beringer does have a lot of low end wines but that some of their more expensive wines were really tasty. This was an 07' Cab and it was prob a $40 bottle (got it on sale for $15)! And I will say it was def tasty...very smooth. Cant forget about dessert...had a *HUGE* piece of cheesecake! Finally got the kids to sleep after dinner and then we watched the movie "Conviction" w/Hillary Swank & Sam Rockwell. Movie was a little ridiculous for me but slightly entertaining at the least and I really like both of them so I was a little disappointed.So that was Friday. Saturday Lindsey got up early and left to go ride. He rode at this benefit race for a girl (I think her name was Heidi Poisen or something like that) that was injured while riding motocross so there were some professional photographers there taking pics of all the riders that attended...got some good ones of him. And I stayed home w/the kiddos b/c they were going to Grandma's & Grandpa's later on in the day. That morning we were super lazy and lounged around. I think I had like a whole pot of coffee before I realized it was way past breakfast time and decided to finally make something to eat. Of course, I didn't neglect my poor starving children, I had made them breakfast earlier in the morning and got back in bed. I watched "Love & Other Drugs" that morning while vegging. Wasn't really impressed w/this movie either. Oh well. So the day went on and we finally got up and got dressed and headed out. Actually, I got tired of Kennedy asking me when we were going to go to Grandma's. Anyway, arrived at Grandma's to a new sand box, a new pool, and a new tent. I think my Mom got Easter confused w/Christmas. Here's some pics from Grandma's...the kids had a blast over there! Sorry for the naked booty..forgot to bring a suit & Grandma didn't have any little swimmers that fit. Ended up leaving the kids over there to spend the night and met back up w/Lindsey after his race and we called it a date night. We decided to go to Olive Garden. Got dressed and headed up to there to arrive to a 45min. wait, which was expected here in Frisco at any restaurant on a Saturday night. So we proceeded to the bar for some alcoholic beverages and some light conversation. Our buzzer buzzed and lit up after about 30min. and we headed to our table which was in the very back of the restaurant, which was fine with me b/c we were kind of hidden away from all the people and the lights; it was nice and dark back there. We ordered an appetizer (calamari...yummy!) and had some more drinks and after we scarfed that down we ordered our food...but before our food came out we had the best part of OG - the salad & the breadsticks! I ordered just plain ol' fetuccini alfredo and Lindsey ordered something w/clams...yuck. We took our time and it was sooo nice. I think we were there at the restaurant for like 2+ hours. But really, it was nice to have just the two of there taking our time, enjoying ourselves, not wrestling & fighting w/a 2 yr old toddler that's getting into everything and disturbing everyone around you. So after dinner we picked up yet another movie...man, we watched a lot of movies this weekend! We rented "Dinner for Schmucks" w/Paul Rudd & Steve Carrell. OMG! So hilarious, but a lot of akward moments! So that was Saturday and of course on actual Easter Sunday we went to church. Great service as always. We invited Lindsey's Mom and she really liked it. Kids had an Easter egg hunt while there and got waaaayyy to much candy. They woke up from their naps that day and first thing they asked was, "Can we have a piece of candy?" Sunday was laid back. Lindsey was at work and so the kids and I just chilled and went to bed early. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Sorry I've been M.I.A. for the past couple days, but I'm back and ready to blog. Unfortunately, Lindsey's Grandpa (Mr. Marshall Reed) passed away on Monday and it was so weird b/c about 8 or 9 PM I was on the phone w/his Mom and we were talking about everything that had been going on...she's been going back and forth to Tyler for a while now visiting w/him in and out of his hospital visitis...and she was just saying that she hopes that he goes to sleep and peacefully passes away. Well we hung up and not an hour later she called back and said just that. I don't care what age you are or what kind of relationship you had w/your parent it's always hard seeing the person that created you, that brought you into this world pass. Fortunately, Beth and all of her sisters had a wonderful and close relationship w/their Father. Needless to say everyone was really upset, but they've had a lot of support through all of this from their family and friends. I was glad that I got to meet him and spend time w/him and that he got to meet Elvis & Kennedy before he passed even if it was just a few times. He was a really neat character. A simpleton. A real cool cat; don't think I ever saw him w/out his sunglasses on (he was even buried w/them)! Close family member and friends went to the viewing on Wednesday, which was in Lindale. He and his wife Nadine lived in Hideaway Bay which is near Tyler and oh my goodness it's absolutely beautiful there! And Thursday was the funeral. He was a World War II Veteran and so the service was held at the National Cemetery. It was the most prestigious and beautiful service I had ever been to; the tradition was amazing!

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday...Things You Collect

Are you a hoarder? Are you being buried alive? Do you find it difficult to let people come visit you? Is your house filled with junk? Then hop on over to The Undomestic Momma blog and link up and tell us about the top 2 things you collect?

1. First and foremost I collect anything L.A.M.B.! Pefume, bags, etc.

2. Anything Leopard: earrings, clothings, shoes, etc. I even have leopard tattoos.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Rewind

This weekend wasn't very eventful b/c we were taking care of a sick baby and we got bad news that Lindsey's Grandpa is in the hospital not doing very well. Kingsley's actually been sick for about two weeks now. We took him to the doc the week before last and she put him on antibiotics and gave him some decongestant and on the last day of his antibiotic he started to get a high fever and kept it for almost 24 hours. I think he got a virus ontop of his cold. Poor baby. :( He was supposed to go Bebe's & Pops on Saturday so we could go to a friends BBQ but eveything was cancelled due to him being sick and Lindsey's Mom going to Tyler to spend time w/her Dad (she was our sitter). So Friday Kennedy went back to her Dad's and we just chilled here at the house grubbing out on lots of fast food. Had some Taco Bell and tried the new Cheesy Double Decker Taco...Don't get it. Not good. The regular Double Decker is fine, but when you add the cheese it makes the hard taco extremely soggy and I have a texture thing, so....yeah. And I think after dinner we went for a walk to get some fresh air and then went to DQ to get some desserts... got a dipped cone. Yummy!Later on that night we watched "The Village" after Kingsley went to sleep because Lindsey had never seen it before. I remember that movie being much more interesting in the past and this time around it pretty much sucked and was totally booooorrring. Lindsey was so mad at me, lol. Half way thru he wanted to know the ending so we could just turn it off. So that was Friday. Saturday we woke up and E's fever had completely broke and he was feeling much better so we decided to venture out and run some errands. I went and tanned, got a script filled, picked up my Mary K order, got breakfast, etc. Came home cleaned a little and then we decided to do something fun w/E since it was so nice outside. So we went out to Wylie to the Insyc Exotics place where they house and rescue big cats. They have tigers and lions and bears...oh my. Just kidding. No but really, they have tigers, lions, leopards, bob cats, etc. Kingsley was kind of scared at first...even I was. I mean, your so close to them, it's amazing and intimidating at the same time. Basically the only thing btwn you and them is a chain link fence! Oh my goodness and some of the rescue stories are amazing...I was a total baby and cried probably at every single story.After the visiting w/the big cats we headed over to our favorite restaruant now: Casa Rita's and we met up w/our friends Keith, Kate, & Hailey for some nachos and margaritas on the patio. We didn't get to stay for long because E was restless from no nap and being out all day so we went back to the house and just hung out there w/everyone for the remainder of the night...just chilled on the patio. Sunday was family day I guess you could say. We went to church that morning which was really nice... talk was about "LOVE." After church we went to the grocery store and got groceries and while there I picked up stuff for the kids Easter baskets. Got the cutest "Cars" stuff for E's basket and just got traditional bunny stuff for Kennedy. They'll love 'em! After the store we came home and cleaned our mess of a house from the night before and got some Cici's pizza and I think I'm the only person on earth who eat's CiCi's by choice. I love it even if it fake cheese! Then we all took naps and after our naps we went to our fav low fat yogurt place The Purple Kiwi and I got Birthday Cake w/fresh strawberries and chunks of cheese cake...oh my goodness...heaven. And after that we went for a walk and that was pretty much the end of our weekend! Hope y'alls was a good one! Oh and no improvements on Lindsey's Grandpa...he's still in the hospital. He fell a while back and broke the ball joint of his hip and they thought he was going to recover, but now he's having congestive heart failure. His heart is only pumping about 10% of what it should and he's getting less responsive everyday. So lots of prayers for him and their family!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Okay, so for those of you that have been following my blog know that my Grandma Ruby (my dad's mom) was diagnosed w/breast cancer last year. She had surgery towards the holidays to remove the cancer which was very hard on her physically. The doctors weren't completely satisfied w/the surgery so they decided to do a masectomy. The masectomy was successful and she's now cancer free but they still wanted to do chemo just be safe. Well she just completed her first round of chemo and she decided that she's not going to continue. It was extremely hard on her... high fevers, low blood pressure, passing out, etc. She was so weak and sick. She decided that she doesn't want to live a year of her life like that! Which I don't blame her! Unfortunately though from just the one round of chemo it took a toll on her hair and she lost it. My Dad sent me a pic and she's probably going to kill me for posting it, but I think she looks great w/or w/out hair! :)

And here she is as a blonde (who we all know have more fun)! :)

Anyway, my family and I are at a good place w/her decision and so is she. We all just pray that the cancer doesn't come back and she's able to live the rest of her life out well and healty!

Love you Grandma!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Pics

Okay, finally done editing all my fat rolls out (well at least I tried). Anyway, here's the rest of our family pics, There's a lot! Enjoy!