Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby K Pictures


Ok now that I'm through for the moment uploading pictures, I thought I'd share with y'all some details.

Kristen is a PRO at birthing babies. She did AWESOME. She had that baby out in under 20 minutes. When he came out Grandma Bishop and I started clapping, and I was furiously taking pics. It gets pretty crowded in the room with 3 nurses and Dr and 3 extra people around (that being me, Daddy, and Grandma Bishop). I won't go into details of the "actual" birth, but I will say it is one of the most awesome things I have and will ever witness.

Lindsey is sooo happy, he's had a constant smile on his face the whole time. He's spent most of the last 2 hours since Kingsley arrived, gazing at the baby in the nursery. Kingsley is doing great. They checked him out and he's a very healthy little man. He's got beautiful color and a good head of dark hair. When he came out it looked to be curly like his daddy's but after they gave him a bath, it's hard to tell if that's actually the case.

He is a very mellow baby. He cried just a little bit in the when he came out but other than that he really hasn't fussed much. They pricked his little foot to check his sugar levels and received a big shot in the thigh and did let out a peep. Let's hope he continues his laid back attitude after he gets home.

Kristen just finished her lunch/breakfast and is watching Extra and feeling fantastic.

Congrats from me to the whole Bishop family.

Pictures of baby