Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revised Christmas Recap

Oh my goodness I forgot to add that we also got the entire collection of PeeWee's Playhouse! Every single episode ever made! Even the Christmas special! Santa brought it for the kids, but I'm sure me & Lindsey are going to be sneaking a few peaks now and then. That was totally my fav show. Oh and Lindsey got Bone Thugs & Harmony's Greatest Hits... "We're not against rap...we're not against rappers...but we are against those thugs (thugs thugs)." Love me some Bone Thugs.

My new "do"

I'm brown and proud! Lol! And short! I can't believe I'm all one color... haven't done that in years! I think I like it's growing on me.

Christmas Recap

I think everyone was on Santa's "Nice" list this year b/c Christmas was totally great! The weekend before Christmas we went to my Dad's house to celebrate and the kids had a total blast. He lives out in the middle of nowhere near Lake Tawakoni so they were running around all over the place going crazy and my Dad made a big fire outside. So they really enjoyed that. Here at our place they're cooped up in our little apartment. Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt's to celebrate w/my Mom's side of the family and that was really nice too b/c all my out of town relatives were here visiting that I never get to see. And of course the kids had a blast over there too... lot's of kids! I think all together there were a total of 10 kids over there and my aunt has a really cool playroom w/lots of cool toys so they were in heaven. And Christmas over there is BIG! Everyone goes ALL out! It's fun! Unfortunately I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures, so no pics...sorry! :( Christmas Eve night we spent the night at Bebe's & Pop's... Lindsey's parents. Elvis was the first to wake up, before the sun even came up! We were like zombies opening presents! Santa brought the kids new bikes which I thought they would go crazy over, but they totally weren't interested AT ALL.

Santa got Lindsey a new helmet and some new Versace cologne and I got some Luckybrand jewelry... obsessed w/the stuff by the way. Ooh and we got Red Hot Chili Pepper concert tickets! Best gift ever!

Thank goodness the kids got other gifts since the bikes were a wash, lol. Elvis' favorite was this monster truck and this Thomas the Train Sodor train house that holds all of his trains and Kennedy got a Lalaoopsy doll and this life size Ariel; they're currently glued to her.

Oh and at my Mom's Christmas we got like a 100 piece set of Pfaltzgraff silverware. So needed! The kids throw our silverware away constantly. Gotta keep a close eye on them now!


My little bro is getting married! Well, I guess he isn't so little anymore... so happy for him! We're planning for a Spring wedding and I get to help... so exciting. I love love.

Rihanna - You Da One (Official Video)

Oh my goodness...I am so obsessed w/this video. If I were an artist this would be MY video; it's perfect. I love every element, especially the sexiness. I think I have a girl crush on Rihanna now. I mean, I've always liked her as an artist but this video took it to the next level, lol! :) I <3 Rihanna!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Pay It Forward

Today is the last day for the Walmart layaway Christmas plan. After today all Christmas layaways that have not been paid off will go back into inventory. Wouldn't it be nice to pay it forward and make a family's Christmas a happy one? Leave a $1 balance and have customer service call the family. Easy as 1-2-3. It's sure to make someone's day!

We just did!

ETA- A lady on a message board that I'm on posted this and spoke to someone at a Walmart near her and they said they had so many calls for people that aren't getting paid this week that have to ask to let go of their layaway hold.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Artist - Dia Frampton (Note: Turn off my music beforehand)

Holiday Express Train

The Holiday Express Train is a "FREE" Christmas train ride. Great for kiddos. We've gone for the past 3 years and the kids absolutely love it. This year Kingsley was old enough to appreciate it and was so in love he wouldn't even say a word; just smiled the entire time! This guy built it at his own home in Richardson. Check out the site:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ornament Exchange

This past Friday we had an ornament exchange at our house...kind of like a White Elephant but with ornaments. Fun, fun, fun!

There are the ornaments we got:

And here's some pics from the party

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

So proud of my boys! Love, love, love...The Red Hot Chili Peppers made it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! The latest inductees as of today! I remember wearing my 1st Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt when I was in 5th grade; wore it everyday! They're coming this Spring...can't wait!

P.S. Anthony Kiedis is a God.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Artist - Ed Sheeran (Note: Pause my background music beforehand)

Christmas "Wish" List Addition

I'm adding this to my list!

Because I currently sit in this 8.HOURS.A.DAY! It's painful, yes I know!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Weather = Nice

What is it about the Winter weather that makes people nice? Is it the comfort food? Is it the holidays? Is it the snuggly comfy clothes? Because people aren't nice any other season. In fact, if it's Summer and it's 100 degrees outside...don't even dare look at me because I've probably been dieting and working out and making myself miserable and sweating for the past few months trying to get into bathing suit shape. It's only during this time a year that we wanna give and spend time w/family and be merry. Who knows? All I know is it makes me nice and I'm not nice. :) I was thinking about this b/c on my way to get Kennedy from school today I saw this crossing guard that I see every time pick her up and I thought to myself that he has to be FREEZING and tomorrow I'm going to buy him a hot chocolate and then I thought while I'm in line buying the hot chocolate I'm going to buy the person's order behind me. Yeah, I totally though that people.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I can't freaking believe it... it's already December. No way! It's only the 2nd and I already feel so overwhelmed. I gotta put up decorations. I gotta start shopping. I have to take the kids to ride the "FREE" Holiday Express Train in Richardson. I have to get a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks and go look at Christmas lights. I have an ornament exchange to get ready for at my house. I have an ugly sweater Christmas party to go to next weekend and the weekend after that I have a White Elephant party to go to. Ugh, I'm outta breath just writing that. But! I did start my Christmas list... well, it's more like a wish list b/c we're not doing Christmas this year for anyone but our kids. Gotta save for the house! So far I just have two things and they're actually not even for me, they're for the house... So take note honey! :)

This Rug from Better Home & Garden


This Footstool from Ikea
Normally I have a ton of really cool fashionable items for myself on my list but now that we're building this house that's all that's been on my mind! I can't freaking wait! Seriously if anything goes wrong I'm going to be devastated. Really, that's all I want for Christmas is our house! :)