Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Just wanted to congratulate one of Lindsey's dearest friends Jack on his engagement! So congratulations y'all! Jack and Katie we luv you! Marriage is such a wonderful gift full of life, love, blessings, new experiences, children, etc. We wish y'all the best. And my personal little piece of advice to a good marriage is honesty. Be honest about everything...even if you don't want to be...even if it's going to hurt the other person. Believe me. Been there done that.

Bad day...

  • Awakened at 5:20 to a pee soaked baby & pee soaked baby bed.
  • Changed baby and washed sheets
  • Noticed busted eye
  • Called in to work
  • Debated for an hour on whether to go to the ER, fam doc, or eye doc.
  • Called eye doc. No answer. Left message.
  • Got everyone dressed & ready.
  • Ate breakfast.
  • Arrived at eye doc 30min. prior to open time (w/out appt). Decided to kill time.
  • Needed to make deposit of xmas money. Drove to bank. Bank closed and not just closed, but moved locations. Great.
  • Drove to new location in Mesquite (keep in mind I live in Frisco, the eye doc is in Richardson, & the old bank was in Plano).
  • Still no call back from doc.
  • Killed more time...returned shoes to Old Navy to find out the shoes purchased as a gift were $3 and the ones I picked out were $14. Bummer. Oh well.
  • Called doc. Got answer. Made appt. for 11:45. Appt. questionable though - had to be covered under medical not vision.
  • Needed to kill more time.
  • Almost got creamed on the Tollway by some old geaser.
  • Went to Kohls to return some shoes.
  • Kinglsey falls in the parking lot on the way in and busts his gums up w/paci.
  • Still go in and exchange shoes even though my child is bleeding profusely. Great parent, huh.
  • Go home. Unload. Examine Kinglsey. Check out insurance.
  • Cancel eye appt. due to insurance reasons.
  • Still have busted eye.
  • Kingsley spills his smoothie in the living room floor (just had carpet cleaned 1 day prior)
  • Leave again to hopefully get Kingsley to fall asleep w/car ride.
  • Decided I was hungry on car ride.
  • Go to Taco Bell. No wallet.
  • Go home. Get wallet.
  • Go back to Taco Bell. No card in wallet.
  • Still no food.
  • Go back home. Get card.
  • Go to different Taco Bell. I really wanted Taco Bell.
  • Kingsley never feel asleep in the car.
  • No sleep for Kinglsey = no sleep for me; even though we've both been up since 5:20 running around like chickens w/our heads cut off.
  • We eat.
  • Lindsey goes to work.
  • We finally nap.
  • I still have a busted eye.
  • Kingsley still has busted gums.
And that pretty much sums up our day yesterday. Not much happened after the nap....played Mr. Potato Head, watched Gwen preform at the Kennedy center, watched The Bridges of Madison County, ate some bad lasagna, & went to bed.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

For Beth...

Most of you know my Mother In Law, but for those of you who don't...she's a very sentimental lady. She loves everybody and loves everything about everybody and keeps anything that means something about someone. If that makes sense, lol! :) Anyway, I wanted to post this pic for her because I know she would think it's absolutely adorable. The key to the picture is the blue jean jacket; it was Lindsey's when he was little and now Elvis has it and he can finally fit into it and it's just so stinking cute! I could've swore I had a pic of Lindsey wearing it when he was little and I wanted to post it too, but I couldn't find it. Oh well. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa pics...

Since my children have been born, neither has had a pic w/Santa...that is up until today. I've either not had the time or the money or just didn't feel like dealing with the long lines and stuff. Plus, they're both deathly afraid of Santa, especially Kennedy! And I knew I'd be wasting my money if I tried because they would be horrible pics. Well, today our church featured a Santa and I managed to get Kingsely to sit on his lap for just a second and here's the result (Kennedy was no where to be found, lol):

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa...

I would like a pair of new socks for Christmas.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today is "MY" kinda day!

First, I get surprised with beautiful flowers for no reason...just because flowers...from Lindsey and Elvis. And then I find out after 3 years of economic difficulties we're finally getting raises again at work and my annual was this month, so I'm getting a raise! Yay! And last but not least, we're getting a $500 Christmas bonus at work too! :sigh of relief: The day just keeps getting better and better. Bring it on!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Rebecca...

May you rest in peace.

Even though you were only in our family for a short period of time you touched all of our hearts tremendously, especially my Uncle Tommy and those close to him.

I remember the first time I met you. You were just the sweetest thing and so outgoing. I felt like in the brief hours that we spent together I had known you for years! And the 2nd time we met and you met the kids...they were calling you "Aunt Becca" w/in a matter of minutes and they NEVER warm up to ANYONE that fast. I thought it was pretty amazing. You truly had a gift for getting to know someone and making them comfortable. I could tell you had a good soul and I knew you were definitely special the moment I told you Elvis' name and with out a word you showed me your tattoo on your ring finger...I thought that was soooo cool!

You will be deeply missed and I'm saddened that we couldn't get to know each other better.

First Ice Cream Cone! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spoke too soon...

I spoke to my Dad yesterday afternoon and he wanted to wait until next week to tell me (after more testing), but my Grandmother's cancer isn't gone after all. In fact, the doctors came back and said the cancer she has is not like any other cancer they've ever seen before. Instead of the cancer being a mass or a tumor it's like tiny spiderwebs all over the place. They want to remove both breasts and instead of radiation they want to do full on chemo and they also want to take more from all her lymph nodes. I don't minute they say she has cancer and they remove it and say everything's going to be fine and then the next minute they come back with this...I want to urge for a second opinion. This is just crazy talk to me. Plus, after her first surgey her oxygen levels were all out of wack and they wouldn't let her leave the hospital because they couldn't figure out what was going on. Well, they still can't figure out what's going on so they sent her home w/an oxygen tank...."Hey, you have cancer so we're going to remove it. Okay, so we removed it - you might have to do some radiation just in case. But you're fine. We're not going to let you go home though because your oxygen levels aren't normal. We ran a bunch of tests and we can't find anything so here's an oxygen're free to go home. Oh wait, you actually do have cancer and it's worse than we thought and even though we can't figure out what's going on with your oxygen levels we want to do ANOTHER surgery and COMPLETLEY remove your breasts...your womanhood" F!@#ing shitty ass doctors. Ugh, this pisses me off. I wanted to go visit her Saturday after my Dad told me all this so I could tell her how I feel, but my Dad urged me not to because she's been bombarded by guests and said she was tired and just wanted to be alone. I can't even imagine what she's going thru. I know she probably has a million thoughts going through her head and she's probably overwhelmed with emoition and the situation, but I really do think she needs a second opinion.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Card

We received our 1st Christmas card of the season so far, it was from my cousin Candice. The kids were so excited because it had Charlie Brown on it. My family and I have a tradition to watch the Charlie Brown movies for each holiday and I thought it was so cute because the first holiday I ever spent with Lindsey's family was Thanksgiving and his Mom busted out "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and at that moment I knew it was meant to be! Lol! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things to do in the month of December

  1. Decorate - Done!
  2. Make my Christmas list - Done!
  3. Drink hot chocolate - Done!
  4. Look at Christmas lights - Done!
  5. Go to the Christmas Parade - Decided not to go afterall... :(
  6. Shop till I drop!
  7. Attend the White Rock Marathon - Woke up too late... :(
  8. Register for my prereqs for Nursing School - Yikes!
  9. Use my fire place for the 1st time
  10. Listen to Christmas music
  11. Go to Northpark Mall to watch the Scrooge show
  12. Take the kids to ride The Holiday Express Train (
  13. Watch all the Christmas classics - Watched the Grinch so far...
  14. Drink lots of Egg Nog
  15. See lots of family
  16. Celebrate Christmas
  17. Open presents

Update on my Grandma

So yesterday was day of my Grandmother's surgery to remove her cancer and it went really well. The doctor said the cancer was probably the size of a marble so there would be no need for a mastectomy. She was in recovery as of last night...a little sick from the anesthesia, but that's about it. The doctors want her to start radiation asap just in case, but so far so good! We all knew everything would be okay! She's a trooper! Only thing is, they're keeping her in the hospital and won't release her because her breathing is irregular. The found a blockage in her lung. I don't think they think it's anything serious. They're doing all kinds of tests today; so hopefully we'll find the results out soon!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before & After Thanksgiving



P.S. Yes, I know E is wearing Kennedy's pj's...poor thing couldn't fit into any of his winter pj's this time around and I've been too lazy to go shop. And sorry bout the quality of the pics, don't know what was up with my camera that day (hence the amount of pics I took).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So today I'm on my lunch break and first thing first...I go to the bathroom and go to put some clothes on and just get dressed for the day (I work from home so I usually roll out of bed and start working). And as I'm coming out of the bedroom I hear Kingsley crying and Lindsey has him sitting on our dining room table and blood is just pouring out of his mouth. I totally freak out even though eveyone else is just fine and calm; totally wasn't expecting that tho. I start running around in circles trying to figure out if I need get a towel for them, finish getting dressed so we can go to the hospital, make a diaper bag, make sure Kennedy's okay and see what happened. I had no idea what to do, lol. After I calmed down and we assesed the situation we decided that he was probably going to need stitches. So we packed up headed to the ER. The wait wasn't too terribly bad. Nurse was a B. But the doc was very nice and very informative. We weighed the pros and the cons of stitches and everyone decided that it would be best if we just hold off and let it heal on it's own. We were all afraid if he had stitches that it would enclose the oral bacteria in there and that he would possibly mess with them and bite on them and make it irritated and worse. So that was my lunch break in a nut shell.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not for the weak stomach...

Okay, so the other night E and I are doing our nightly ritual of bath, bottle, & bed. Bath is done. I'm making the bottle while he's running around naked doing whatever it is he does after his bath; usually hiding from me. He hates clothes. So I'm standing there waiting for his bottle to be done and I hear him just burst into this terrible fit and I immediately dash to find him. He was hiding in the hallway under our desk behind Kennedy's dollhouse that I keep under there. He seemed to be fine at first glance; he was just kind of squatting under there behind the doll house hiding. I knelt down to pick him up and smelled a poopy smell and so I examined the crime scene further and he had indeed pooped, but I'm not sure if he was crying because: A. He ate one of Kennedy's little babies that goes to her doll house and passed it and it hurt. B. He knelt down to poop and pooped on the baby and it possibly poked him in the butt and it hurt. Or C. He pooped and stuck the baby in the poop which then in turn upset him. So here's some pictures from the crime scene - I'll let you decide! :)