Monday, January 31, 2011

Case of the Mondays...

I don't know if it's b/c it's that time of the month, or the overdose of serotonin on Saturday and the lack there of today, or the fact that there's been yet another death on my Dad's side of the family but I have have a freaking horrible headache and a terrible case of the Monday's. I mean, I look and feel like a total piece of crap. I work from home, so I look terrible on a daily basis, but today is just awful. I took a super hot steamy hour shower on lunch in the dark to relax...didn't help, still have a headache. Anyway, I talked to my Dad last night and unfortunately it was nothing but bad news. My Great Uncle Roy passed away on Friday. First it was my Great Aunt. Then it was my Uncle's Wife and now my Great Uncle. And even though I wasn't super close to any of the people that have recently passed...their death has affected other people in that family that I am close to and I hurt for them. My Dad also told me that Grandmother is still recovering from her masectomy and as soon as she's all healed up their going to do the reconstructive surgery and after she's healed from that then they'll start the chemo, but they're having some issues w/payment b/c it doesn't look like her insurance is going to cover it and it's $800 a month so her doctor is looking into other options...contacting charities and trying to raise money. So that situation is still weighing heavy on my shoulders. And then my Dad tells me that my Uncle Tommy who's wife passed away recently is having a really hard time dealing with the grief. Not to mention, he's had a pretty hard go around in life and then this happened. He's just not in a good place right now and we're hoping that he's going to seek some professional help soon. We all love him so much...he's so special, especially to my Grandmother...that's her baby; she would be lost with out him. And last, but not Dad; he's suffering financially. His business has really gone down hill over the past few years and it's all he knows. His job is his livelihood - with out it he doesn't have much. I mean, of course he has his family...but all of us live so far from each other. I told him to quit being so proud and let me help him out, but of course he refuses. He's an independent contractor and he can do anything from heating/ac to electrician work to landscaping to fencing to remodeling to plumbing to refrigeration to whatever. I mean, the man can practically build a house for you from scratch. He's a very honest, hard working man. So if anyone has any work that needs to be done please contact me and let me know...anything would be very much appreciated!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texas Weather

The weather Saturday was just amazing! It was such a beautiful day and we made sure to take advantage and spend every minute outside enjoying it! We ran errands all morning with our windows rolled down and our radio blasting and afterward we went and got lunch and took it to the park and practically stayed at the park all afternoon until it was almost dark outside. And it's crazy because just a few weeks prior I posted some videos of it snowing outside and yesterday we were wearing shorts and then I hear today that's it's supposed to ice over and be in the teens this week! Texas weather is so wonder all of us are always sick all the time! Anyway, here's some pics from the park.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's about the inches not the lbs

So I just bought these beauts for the Spring and guess what size they are??????

Just guess????

Size 8!

I couldn't believe it either! Still can't believe it! I haven't worn a size 8 since I can remember! It's seriously been at least 4 or 5 years. I guess not putting so much pressure on myself and just kind of doing whatever whenever worked! I mean, I count my calories, but as far as working out or running...that only happens every now and then. I was completely surprised because I've lost like maybe 1lb or 2lbs...I have to be shedding inches because there's just no way.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Boy!

Kinglsey is officially a big boy now that he's 2...No more crib! Yay! He loves his new bed so much because he can get in and out of it whenever he wants and when I say whenever, I really mean 3am into Mommy & Daddy's bed whenever. Although he loves it, he's still a little confused because he keeps going to the tall end of the bed where his kitchen is and trying to climb out that he used to when it was a crib. He would climb over that edge onto his kitchen - little stinker.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was the best weekend I've had in a looooong time. Friday night we had our monthly dinner date w/our friends Todd & Kelsey and we invited a few more people to join us this time around...our friend Allison & our friends Jeff & Leanne. We ordered take out from this new Mexican Restaurant called Casa Rita's by our house. Which, by the way, I'll never eat at again. I ordered the cheese enchilada's and it was like they took a can of Wolf Brand chili and poured it on top for the chili con carne and the hot sauce had HUGE chunks of white onion so that's all you could taste - it was awful. Anyway, after many bottles of wine and playing "dirty" truth or dare on Todd's phone I was totally hung over the next day! No amount of water, ibuprofen, or greasy food was going to help.

Saturday was E's 2nd birthday! It was Toy Story themed and it was so cute! I placed all the gifts on the dining room table along with some green & yellow cupcakes that were stacked on a Toy Story cupcake holder and then I took all his Toy Story characters: Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Slink, Big Baby, Ken & Barbie, Mr. Potatohead, Rex, Evil Dr. Porkchop, & RC and strategically placed them on the table as well. Of course, once I put the toys up there the kids wanted to play them and my masterpiece was quickly destroyed, but I did manage to get a couple of pics! All and all he had a wonderful birthday! All of our family came and we stuffed our faces and he got a ton of awesome toys and clothes and my cousin Amanda and her fam stayed until pretty late...the boys were watching the Motocross Nationals...booooring.

Sunday was really enjoyable as well. We got up early and ate breakfast and lounged around for most of the morning and at 2 we met w/our realtor to go look at some more houses and we narrowed it down to 3 and oh, they're so beautiful. Unfortunately ALL 3 have contracts pending but we wanted to look at them never know those other people might not get approved! And after a long day of house hunting we went to Chili's for dinner and it was deeliscious!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Elvis!

I can't believe you're already 2 little man. Time sure does fly. Let's take a look back at this past year:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on my Grandma

So after two surgeries and months of Grandma is CANCER FREE!


And this is why I HATE house hunting. Minutes after my last post about the house we like... it's gone. That's right...gone. Gone. And my hopes are up once again. Back to the drawing board. :sigh:

Our next victim....muah ha ha!

You think I would be excited, but I'm not. It's been almost a year now and so we're starting to look for houses again. I looooooove where we're at...I don't wanna move (even though before here I said I would never live in an apartment again). Apartment schmartment...who cares, it's freaking awesome here and I've just about gotten everything to how I want it! I'll post a vlog later of our apartment so you guys can how stinking cute it is. House hunting is just stressful to me, especially when you have to do ALL the work yourself. Anyway, we've (ahem...I mean, I've) only been searching for houses for about a week now and I think I've found it. This is it. Our next victim. It's a one story former model home. It has a front covered porch w/brick and rock finishes. It's on a premium landscaped lot. It's finished in like warm beige tones - frieze carpet, beige paint, and ceramic tiles. It has split bedrooms w/a huge master; split bedrooms are good for me that way my office can be away from the kiddos bedrooms. It has an open kitchen, lots of counter space, and an island. It also has really nice ceramic tile in the kitchen w/an inlay backsplash and the kitchen opens to family and breakfast room. And the best thing is it's priced way below the market which is always nice! Here's some pics:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sooooo old!

OMG! You guys I'll be 30 this year. I'm so old. I don't feel 30 tho, so that's good - maybe it's because I'm married to someone who's 25 and he keeps me on my toes or maybe it's because I have 2 & a 4 year old and they keep me on my toes or maybe it's because I don't have a single wrinkle. Anywho... I have exactly 9 months to plan for this black day in 2011. I'm thinking maybe an alcohol, lots of makeup, perfumed, shopping induced Austin trip w/the gal pals. I've already picked out the perfect outfit for the occasion and surprisingly it's not black! It actually contains a lot of red... I want to look like a freaking hot, sexy fire cracker!

I'm thinking this dress:

Sunday, January 9, 2011