Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Non Potty Training

Elvis refuses to potty train and I'm at wits end. We have tried everything under the sun and he has absolutely no interest what so ever! He will poop and pee all in his diaper or in the floor or whatever and it doesn't even phase him. Every now and then I think I might see a spark of interest but it immediately fizzles out. Like for example...his potty will be closed, but he'll be on top of it standing and peeing all in the bathroom floor. I mean, at least he had the right area correct, right? With my luck it was probably just a coincidence and he was using it as a stool and peeing everywhere. We've taken days out to focus on potty training and we've set him on there every hour on the hour and of course in btwn the hours he gets up he poops and pees elsewhere. Lindsey takes him to the bathroom with him. In fact, we all take him to the bathroom with us. He will interact with you if you're using the potty. He wants to hand you toilet paper and flush the toilet. And he does say he has to go potty all the time even when we're in public and I'll take him and he'll just look at the restroom...no action. He can communicate just fine so that's not an issue. I've thought about trying books and movies, but he's too active to sit down and actually pay attention to either one. I even bought him a Cars potty thinking since it was "Cars" themed he would be interested in it and he is, but he thinks it's a toy.But this weekend we acquired a mini urinal from my cousin and she said it worked wonders b/c they see their Daddy stand up and they wanna stand up too, so hopefully this will help. So far for the past few days he hasn't shown much interest in it either and thinks it's a toy as well, but it's only been a couple days so I'm still gonna hold out hope.Any tricks or tips from Moms w/boys out there??? Kennedy was soooo easy to potty train. She started potty training when she was 1 1/2 when I was preggers w/Elvis b/c I didn't want 2 in diapers and it worked. She was so good and so easy. Elvis is going on 3 now and really just has no interest. I really don't wanna have a 3yr old in diapers. I've heard boys are slower and that this is normal, but I'm so tired of diapers and wipes. I would totally be okay if I never saw another diaper or wipe in my life.


  1. Try one of the seats that fits on top of the regular toilet. Then get a step for him to get up on it. London had no interest in the kiddie potty either, but this worked for him.

  2. I've actually tried that too... his Cars potty comes apart and becomes a seat that you can put on the toilet. I thought that was an issue too that he was using a different potty than everyone so I tried that and still didn't work. But I will say yesterday after I posted this was the 1st time EVER that he actually told me that he was poopoo; he's NEVER told me. So that's a step.