Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan Dunn star of "Jackass" dead at 34

For over a decade now the "Jackass" show and movies have been a guilty pleasure of mine. In fact, I just watched Jackass 3.5 for the first time this Friday. I feel like I know these guys from seeing their most intimate moments on film. So when I heard that Ryan Dunn was killed in a fatal car crash this heart skipped a beat. I can't even imagine what all those guys are going through right now and of course, there's his family. My love goes out to them. So tragic. This is what I read online at

Ryan Dunn star of Jackass died in a fatal crash on Rt 322 in West Goshen Township PA around 3am this morning.

We talked to a friend that works for a fire company in the West Chester Pa area that responded to the crash and here is what he told us...

Ryan did have a passenger with him at the time of the crash but both bodies were burnt so badly that the second person has not been indentified yet.

Ryan was identified by some of his tattoos that he has on his chest and a few patches of facial hair.

Rt 322 isn's a major highway in the West Chester area and isn't lit very well.

He was driving his porsche when he lost contol, slammed into a tree, and his Porsche burst into flames.

Here is a look at the wreckage in the woods
Here is a look at the Porsche after they pulled it out of the woods
It took over 5 hours for the road to be re-opened after the crash. And here is a pic of Ryan that he tweeted last night at a bar with his buddies.
So obviously he was drinking and driving and they're saying that speed was a factor too. Man, it's so not worth it people. Don't drink and drive. It'll cost you your life. R.I.P. Ryan D. You were my fav!

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