Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mr. Memphis Cash Sandifer! Born 1:28 PM Tuesday the 28th. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. He's beautiful and breastfeeding like a pro! No people he's not mine. I wasn't one of those ladies who didn't know I was prego and had my baby in my pant leg. He belongs to some dear friends of mine: Kambrie & Travis. I've known Kambrie for almost 20 years now. We grew up together and lived on the same street. She's an amazing person w/amazing talents and she deserves this baby more than anything. Her and Trav are going to be great parents!

Click HERE to read their birth story, it's so touching! Warning! You will cry!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Non Potty Training

Elvis refuses to potty train and I'm at wits end. We have tried everything under the sun and he has absolutely no interest what so ever! He will poop and pee all in his diaper or in the floor or whatever and it doesn't even phase him. Every now and then I think I might see a spark of interest but it immediately fizzles out. Like for example...his potty will be closed, but he'll be on top of it standing and peeing all in the bathroom floor. I mean, at least he had the right area correct, right? With my luck it was probably just a coincidence and he was using it as a stool and peeing everywhere. We've taken days out to focus on potty training and we've set him on there every hour on the hour and of course in btwn the hours he gets up he poops and pees elsewhere. Lindsey takes him to the bathroom with him. In fact, we all take him to the bathroom with us. He will interact with you if you're using the potty. He wants to hand you toilet paper and flush the toilet. And he does say he has to go potty all the time even when we're in public and I'll take him and he'll just look at the action. He can communicate just fine so that's not an issue. I've thought about trying books and movies, but he's too active to sit down and actually pay attention to either one. I even bought him a Cars potty thinking since it was "Cars" themed he would be interested in it and he is, but he thinks it's a toy.But this weekend we acquired a mini urinal from my cousin and she said it worked wonders b/c they see their Daddy stand up and they wanna stand up too, so hopefully this will help. So far for the past few days he hasn't shown much interest in it either and thinks it's a toy as well, but it's only been a couple days so I'm still gonna hold out hope.Any tricks or tips from Moms w/boys out there??? Kennedy was soooo easy to potty train. She started potty training when she was 1 1/2 when I was preggers w/Elvis b/c I didn't want 2 in diapers and it worked. She was so good and so easy. Elvis is going on 3 now and really just has no interest. I really don't wanna have a 3yr old in diapers. I've heard boys are slower and that this is normal, but I'm so tired of diapers and wipes. I would totally be okay if I never saw another diaper or wipe in my life.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Rewind

The weekend didn't start off so great b/c I got off work to this mess and Friday morning the house was spotless:
There was toilet paper everywhere! Drinks spilled everywhere! The freezer was left open and all the ice was melted! Every toy was out of it's place! I had gotten stuck on a call after I was supposed to get off and Lindsey had to go to work or he was going to be late. They were left unattended for maybe 15-30min tops and I when I say unattended...I'm just in my office; I work from home so I was there and I kept seeing them run by and I could hear them but I didn't think the house would look like that when I walked out. Geeze! It was like two little tornadoes just came thru and ripped our house apart. Needless to say I was pretty mad at them and sat them down and talked to them and I'm sure it went in one ear and right out the other. I made Lindsey take off work early and help clean I was so mad. So that was our Friday...a night of cleaning. Fun huh!

I tried In and Out Burger this weekend for the first time and I was actually impressed, but not at first. I forgot what was on the secret menu so I just ordered a Cheeseburger, fries, & shake how it comes on the menu. I think we waited in line for about 15min; not bad. But when we ordered they asked us how we wanted our food...dine in, to go, in the car, etc. Which kind of confused me b/c we were in our car at the drive thru so doesn't that mean to go??? With out thinking I said "in the car" and when they handed us our food it was all open in a box. I was like, duh... "In the car." Idiot. The food was really tasty, not the best burger or fries I've ever had, but really good. The fries surprised me b/c they were kind of spongy; I forgot everything came fresh and hadn't been frozen. And with that being said it obviously didn't contain any preservatives or additives or anything and I will say that was the first burger and fries I've ever eaten and I didn't feel like crap afterward. I felt like I had just eaten a salad or something. I was super full and I didn't feel super gross.We also took E to see Cars 2 this weekend. It was his first time at the movies and I was kind of scared to take him b/c he such a wiggle worm and doesn't sit still and I didn't want to waste our money since the movies are so expensive these days, but Cars is his favorite movie so we thought we'd give it a try. He wasn't afraid or overwhelmed by the size of the theater, but I think having a lot of other kids in there helped. We got all kind of snacks too to try and keep him occupied. He was kind of restless through the previews, but once the movie started he was pretty interested and sat and watched for a while, but about half way thru he started getting really anxious and climbing around everywhere and going up and down the stairs and bothering the people in front of us. He kept crawling around on the floor, which was sooo gross...Lindsey and I were freaking out. But then he would all of a sudden calm down and watch for a few more minutes and that happened pretty much thru out the rest of the movie, but he made it thru the whole thing. I was proud of my little movie goer. He even wore his Cars shirt and shoes and we put his diapers and wipes in his Cars was too cute.I dragged everyone to the La Hacienda Ranch this weekend too. I'm obsessed w/this place. It's so good! Gotta try it! Their hot sauce is the bomb. Very kid friendly...bring some quarters tho so the kiddos can ride the horses. Good and fast service. If it's just you and the significant other go at night and sit on the patio...awesome atmosphere...but only drinks and appetizers are served out there. It's really nice in the Fall and Spring b/c they have a huge fire place out there to pull a chair up to.We watched "Hall Pass" this weekend too w/Owen Wilson. Too funny and cute. Definitely some awkward moments w/penis' tho.... :) And honey...don't get any're NEVER getting a hall pass.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Teasing Children

So does anyone else tease their children beyond belief to where there cry or am I just a mean Mommy??? Because I do it all the time and it's freaking hilarious. Fake bugs or even real bugs are always great. Or even just the, "Omg what it is that?? What's on you???" Of course, there's nothing even there. Both of them are deathly afraid of bugs so that's my fav. Last night I got K really good. They were in the bath and before we got in the bath we were watching music videos (we always like to have dance contests every night) and Katy Perry's "E.T." w/Kanye came on and they thought it was cool b/c it was in outer space and had aliens and stuff. I let them take a bath in my bath and Kennedy was playing w/all the shampoo bottles and asked what Lindsey's "Head & Shoulders" was b/c it looked a little different than all the rest and I told her that it was alien goo and if you get it on you that you would turn into a green alien and I then proceeded to try and pour some on her and Head & Shoulders is like a super dark green/blue and really gooey and oh my goodness she started freaking out! She was screaming and crying and saying that she didn't want to turn into a scary alien like on the video. Guess she didn't think the video was so cool afterall. Oops. And then later that night I changed my name. I'm soooooo tired of hearing Mommy every two seconds so I told them I was changing my name to "Mama say, mama sa, ma ma coosa" it's part of a MJ song and Rihanna used it in her "Please don't stop the music song..." or whatever it's called. I heard it on the radio earlier that day and I wanted something that they weren't going to be able to say and of course they got really upset and started crying and saying they couldn't say that and I kept going around the house singing it and wouldn't respond to anything else they called me. They were soooo mad and frustrated. I don't know, I get a kick out of it. My Mom always gets on to me and tells me not to be so mean, but I just want them to have a good sense of humor. So what do you guys think? Am I being too mean? :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Recap

Lindsey works on Friday's again so we never do anything exciting on Friday's anymore. So this Friday was pretty boring. Just ran a bunch of errands...went shopping for Father's Day gifts. I got my Dad the movie True Grit w/Jeff Bridges & Matt Damon. Love that freaking movie. It's such a good movie. Lindsey and I saw it in the theaters. Jeff Bridges is awesome! I was going to get Lindsey a griddle. Yes, a griddle. He's the chef in the fam...not me that's forsure. His Mom has one and she always uses it to cook us a big breakfast if we stay the night and he's always said he wanted one and last year during Black Friday they were onsale at Wal-Mart and he wanted me to get one, but they sold out before I could get one. And they were onsale again this past weekend, but he told me not to get him anything so I put it back. Fine...use a million pans to cook breakfast with...I don't care. Actually I do care b/c I'll be the one cleaning them. He cooks and I clean. Anyway, after much shopping I took the kiddos swimming and that pretty much sums up Friday.

Saturday we got up and immediately got dressed and headed out to run MORE errands. Had to pick up scripts, get the kids hair cuts, pick up a dessert for that evening... we were going over my Dad's to visit and eat some BBQ and we were in charge of a dessert. Here's some pics of their new do's! E got a mohawk and K got a cute little bob.
We ended up arriving at my Dad's super late due to a wreck we got stuck in and really when you have little ones you're not anywhere on time. Just how it goes. We stayed over there until about 8:30 or so and headed home...long Dad lives in Quinlan and we're in Frisco and there's NO quick way! So that pretty much sums up Saturday.

Sunday was Father's Day so we let Lindsey decide whatever he wanted to do and so we ended up taking the Dart rail down to Mockingbird Station and ate at the Margarita Ranch and then got some ice cream from Coldstone. It was E's first time on the train and he's obsessed w/trains right now, so he was super excited and had a blast on the train.

After that we went over to Lindsey's parents house and ate dinner and hung out over there. His Sister made some yummy fajitas. When we arrived over there the kids were of course greeted to a new electric Thomas the Train set and a new Barbie pony. It's always Christmas at Bebe & Pops. And we also got to meet Miss Billie...Shelby's new puppy that she got at the Wal-Mart parking lot from some dude giving away puppies when she went to go pick up groceries for din that night, lol! :) So all in all it was a pretty good weekend. Lot's of eating. I think I gained all the weight I lost from working out the past couple of weeks back! Gotta start all over again. Bummer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ryan Dunn star of "Jackass" dead at 34

For over a decade now the "Jackass" show and movies have been a guilty pleasure of mine. In fact, I just watched Jackass 3.5 for the first time this Friday. I feel like I know these guys from seeing their most intimate moments on film. So when I heard that Ryan Dunn was killed in a fatal car crash this heart skipped a beat. I can't even imagine what all those guys are going through right now and of course, there's his family. My love goes out to them. So tragic. This is what I read online at

Ryan Dunn star of Jackass died in a fatal crash on Rt 322 in West Goshen Township PA around 3am this morning.

We talked to a friend that works for a fire company in the West Chester Pa area that responded to the crash and here is what he told us...

Ryan did have a passenger with him at the time of the crash but both bodies were burnt so badly that the second person has not been indentified yet.

Ryan was identified by some of his tattoos that he has on his chest and a few patches of facial hair.

Rt 322 isn's a major highway in the West Chester area and isn't lit very well.

He was driving his porsche when he lost contol, slammed into a tree, and his Porsche burst into flames.

Here is a look at the wreckage in the woods
Here is a look at the Porsche after they pulled it out of the woods
It took over 5 hours for the road to be re-opened after the crash. And here is a pic of Ryan that he tweeted last night at a bar with his buddies.
So obviously he was drinking and driving and they're saying that speed was a factor too. Man, it's so not worth it people. Don't drink and drive. It'll cost you your life. R.I.P. Ryan D. You were my fav!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day

Geeze you guys...I have entirely too many Father's to buy for... my Dad, Father-In-Law, Step-Dad, and of course Lindsey since the kiddos are obviously too still too small. Thank goodness some of you guys have other kids to buy you stuff, j/k. Anyway, hope everyone has a good Father's Day weekend...go celebrate all those cool Dad's out there!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Love you! You're the best Dad ever! Wouldn't trade you for anything! See you Saturday for some yummy BBQ!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This Wednesday I'm loving...

The fact that I just found out that the Frisco library has Toddler Storytime every Thursday & Friday morning! So cool! Kiddos are totally attending.

That I got a pedi almost two weeks ago and it still looks good! Found a place on Preston by my house and it's $19.95 for a spa pedi...can't beat that! And it lasts!

And I'm really loving that we're getting a new truck soon! Can't decide btwn a new Dodge or a new Ford tho... hard decision.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Riviera Maya

So 1 wedding day, 1 child, & 3 years later we're finally going our honeymoon. This fall prob late Sept. or early Oct. we're going to Riviera Maya, Mexico and we're staying at the Valentin Imperial Maya. It's an adults only resort. It's close enough to Cancun & Playa Del Carmen if we still wanna party, but it's still far enough away from civilization that it's still kind of private & secluded. We're so super excited b/c neither of have been out of the states. I feel so important that I'm going to have a passport now... I know, I'm a dork. Anyway, this vacation is so much needed. I can't wait. Now I just have to get into bikini shape so I can ruin it while I'm there b/c I hear this place has some excellent food and it's all inclusive so I'm going to be grubbing down.